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In Luke-24:49, the Lord Jesus Christ instructs His followers to wait in the city of Jerusalem until they are endued with the power of the Holy Spirit. Here at It Is Finished Ministries, we are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and rooted and grounded in the word of God. We are commanded by our Lord to love one another, as He loved us, and to go into all the earth and fulfill the Great Commission, which is to preach the gospel to every creature and make disciples of all nations. God is faithful, as we go out to the world, with the Lord working with us, He will confirm His word in us, with signs, wonders, and miracles.  We are truly in the end times and the fields are ripe for harvest. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we are devoted to the equipping of the saints of God in Christ, for the work of ministry. God has written our lives out before the foundation of the world and has a divine purpose for every believer in the body of Christ, which is His church, and we are here to do all that we can to help you fulfill your destiny. Thank you for visiting our website and may God make all grace and peace abound to you.

In His Service,
Pastors Dennis & Teri Boylan

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